eo labWelcome to Julia Rose Botanicals

Julia Rose Botanicals specializes in premium-grade organic and wild crafted essential oils, distilled waters (hydrolats), diffusers and nebulizers and a variety of items important to the professional and the end user.

We also offer essential oil formulations to meet specific needs of therapists and clients. Our phone is 303-668-4884 for questions or more information.


Aromatherapy is a branch of botanical medicine that uses natural plant derived substances such as essential oils, carrier oils and hydrolats for stress reduction, health promotion and enjoyment.

All oils are tested by GC/MS (Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrograph) and have certificates of analysis to meet our high standards. Our stock is rotated to maintain freshness and stored below 60 degrees.

Established in 2001, Julia Rose Botanicals has provided essential oils of impeccable quality for a holistic and integrative physicians’ office. Since that time we have provided quality essential oils, formulations and other aromatherapy products to doctor/practitioner offices, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, aromatherapists and folks who want trustworthy products. As a small company that focuses on quality, we invite you to become part of the Julia Rose experience.

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