About Us

How did the name Julia Rose come about?

Nancy and Raphael d’Angelo were married in 2000. After 5 months into their marriage they felt the need to open a company to provide botanical materials. Naming it was a problem, as nothing seemed to fit. Nancy had a dream where she gave birth; the name “Julia Rose” kept coming to her. The hospital staff didn’t bring her new baby “Julia Rose” to her, so she and Raphael went to find her. They found the bassinet where the child was. Of course there was a swaddling of receiving blankets, Nancy folded down one blanket after another, after another, after another. In the bottom of the bassinet lay a seed. Nancy then awoke and said “Julia Rose”, Raphael exclaimed “what a pretty name”. That’s how Julia Rose Botanicals was born.

As told by Nancy d’Angelo, owner of Julia Rose Botanicals:

Julia Rose is a name that came to me in a specific dream sequence shortly after my marriage to Raphael in 2000. In the dream I had given birth but had not seen my baby. Everyone was talking about a baby named Julia Rose, and I know this was my child. On arriving at the nursery there was a row of newborns and one bassinet had the name Julia Rose. On peeling away a multitude of receiving blankets, there in the bottom of the bed I saw a seed. At that point I woke up and exclaimed, “Julia Rose.” My husband was fascinated with the dream and said “What a pretty name!” And the name of our botanical company was born!

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